Asami Green

graphic designer

fine artist

Reiki Master

creative energy healer

tel: 203.249.0048


Asami Green understands the unique needs of healing arts practitioners and the transformational ability of well-executed visual identity materials. She is a Reiki Master and an established graphic designer.


Asami meets with clients in one-on-one personal sessions to draw-out creative-design concepts and establishes a timeline for the delivery of identity marketing needs. 

She is currently attending the Masters of Art Therapy and Counseling program (expected to graduate in May 2023) at Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT. She hopes to expand her knowledge for humanistic needs in our community.



My paintings are an extension of my being. I wish for my audiences to feel a conscious and personal connection to my art, through a sense of energetic immersion. My canvases are fueled by an emotional expression of color, meant to capture present-moment awareness. I believe that art should allow us to connect our conscious, subconscious & imaginative minds, simultaneously - all, in one beautiful symphony. 

Throughout my artwork, my intention is to inspire introspective human reflection, through the use of vibrant colors & textures, accented by kinetic motion. This series of acrylic paintings is meant to evoke the personal journey of healing and growth - a private sense of spiritual awakening. As life inspires me in multidimensional directions, I let my intuition speak on these canvases, as I release layers of my own personal fears - layer by layer, in the hope of inviting others to explore similar possibilities. 

I have also created a series of tranquil, floral oil paintings, incorporating a mixture of realism and surrealism - similarly meant to evoke ongoing spiritual awareness.

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